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Click on the “Online Shop” link and you will be taken to the new site.  IT APPEARS THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE WITHOUT SIGNING IN.


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Easter Roasting & Posting : the cut off for Easter orders is Tuesday 31st March at 5pm.  NO ORDERS WILL BE DISPATCHED AFTER WEDNESDAY APRIL 1ST.  We will resume normal trading on April 7th.

It is with great excitement that I monitor the solar app on my phone and see the power generating before my eyes.  With our new solar system we are generating more than enough electricity (so far even on an overcast day) to power our daily coffee roasting and packing needs.


See our Facebook Page for photos.  https://www.facebook.com/BioBeanCoffee

We do still use bottled gas to fire up the roaster but we are situated in the foot hills on a 3 hectare rural property with thousands of trees to compensate.

For our deliveries we use Australia Post.  They collect from our premises 3 days a week and usually deliver the coffee the next day.   We feel this is far more environmentally responsible than keeping one or more delivery vehicles and drivers.  The Australia Post van is going past your door every day pretty much so why not take advantage of the fact?  Our premises is home based so I don’t have to drive to work and Ben only lives 2 minutes away so between us we hardly travel any  business kilometres so we are not contributing to Perth’s increasing traffic madness.

In the next few weeks we will be introducing composting kilo bags to most of our cafés.  These are still in their trial phase so will not be offered to retail customers yet.  They do not have a resealable zip but do have a freshness valve.  We also do not know the shelf life of the bag so we can’t risk putting them in the shops.  

Of course, many of you already know that we distribute and promote composting sustainable takeaway containers, and of course everything we have is Certified Organic and Fairtrade where possible.

We are going to strive towards Carbon Neutral certification but I thought I’d just mention a few of the measures that we take to be ‘greener’ in the meantime.


          New coffee : Honduras José Marel Portillo Microlot now available for a limited time only. 


           Luscious Organic now open in Denmark for takeaway coffee - call in and see Simon and Mitlé, 63 Strickland Street, Denmark.



          Now Available : Porlex mini grinders - only $50. See our online shop.

          Christmas Roasting :

          Last retail orders preferably 11/12; Last Café orders  17/12. 

          We are closed until January 6 (Cafés) and January 13 (Retail shops).

          Welcome to Julia at Harvest Health in Joondalup.  You can now buy retail packs and take away coffee.  See our list of

          retailers for more information. 


          What does 'Organic' mean? What is the difference between Certified Organic and organic?  When you buy a bag of BioBean

          Coffee you are guaranteed that it is 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC.


          We are currently the only roaster in Perth that is genuinely Certified Organic.  Much of the coffee available is roasted

          from certified beans but this is not the same and is NOT Certified Organic.  We are audited and inspected to ensure that

          no chemicals are used anywhere on our premises.  This includes cleaning and servicing the roaster, cleaning the office, pest

          control etc. etc. We have to show proof that there is an uninterrupted paper trail from the grower to the sealed pack. 

          This is easy for us as we only roast Organically Certified Fairtrade coffee.


          Only when you see one of the recognised Australian certifiers' logo on a product is that product organically

          certified.   Eg. USDA is the certification of the green bean and is an American certifying body and is NOT a recognised

          Australian brand. 


          Fairtrade? If a product says it is Fairtrade but does not bear to logo then you are not guaranteed that the

          premium is being paid back to the grower.  The chances are that the product is simply more expensive!


          Finally - if you can't beat them then I suppose you have to join them.  BioBean does have a facebook page!

          We will be running a competition during Fairtrade Fortnight with free giveaways for product likes.  Watch this space

          for more information.


          The Organic Circle has opened in shop 1, Pioneer Village Armadale. Willow and Ria (formerly The Soultree Café in

          Glen Forrest) have opened an exciting new shop.  More information soon.  Drop in for a cup of coffee.


           BioBean Coffee is now available in Kununurra!  Go and see Kylie and Danny at the Kununurra Market on a Saturday

           between 8 and 12 pm.  This market is run from April to September and located at Whitegum Park in the centre of

           town.  A great way to catch up with friends whilst relaxing and enjoying the local arts, crafts and produce that 

           Kununurra has to offer.



           We are pleased to welcome Nicolette Murray.  Nikki has opened up a café at number 16 Warren Road Nannup.  WA 

           Phone Nikki on 95761351 for opening hours.  She is currently serving Ethiopian Sidamo.


           If you are down in Nannup for the music festival or just passing through any time have a cup of coffee in her

           shady courtyard.







           BioBean Coffee Online Shop

           Why not buy your coffee online? Orders received on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be posted within

           48 hours of receipt with coffee usually roasted the same day.  Save money by buying in kilo bags.  Why not share with a

           friend -  buy 2 kilos and get free express postage anywhere in Australia - includes Christmas Island.


The Aerobie Aeropress makes a great present. Only $55 including a 250g bag of coffee.


Kaffeologie S Filter

NEW DESIGN IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY : New improved stainless steel mesh filter for Aeropress Coffee makers.

First, put in the filter...


The Colombian Excelso Equidad has been awarded a Silver medal in the Espresso class at the prestigious Sydney RAS Fine Food Show.  . Congratulations to Ben, our Master Roaster!


We are delighted to announce that we now have an exclusive range of tea available.   SereniTEA Infusions is an Australian owned family tea company supplying Organically Certified and mostly Fairtrade teas in 1kg and 250g leaf tea suitable for restaurants and cafés; boxes of biodegradable pyramid tea bags in 100s, 50s, and retail packs of 20.  Please see their website for more information and place an order via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone Mary on 08 9294 3863.



Dynamic Organic

If you live in Mandurah you can buy our coffee at Corinne's wonderful shop situated at 47B Breakwater Parade, Mandurah Ocean Marina.  If Corinne doesn't keep your favourite bean I'm sure she will order it from us for you as this is your only outlet south of Fremantle.  Phone her on 0417 907 257.




Pure Health - Claremont

At last BioBean Coffee is available in Claremont.  Sharon Blackman has opened a beautiful shop in the Bayview Centre, 303 Stirling Hwy, Claremont.  Check out her website www.purehealthclaremont.com.au for more information. 


Aeropress - we always have plenty of Aeropress coffee makers in stock so if you live in Perth or anywhere in Western Australia you can order and receive your Aeropress with days.  We also stock the new Kaffeologie S Filter, spare parts and replacement filter paper packs.  We have reduced the Aeropress in price due to the excellent exchange rate.




If you're looking for a quality, ethical coffee with an added bonus of being Certified Organic then look no further!


We supply restaurants, cafés, hotels, retail shops and direct sales via email or phone.  Wholesale customers can use our new online shop and should checkout using the Purchase Order option.  I will then email you order confirmation and a Tax Invoice.


BioBean Coffee is the only exclusively Organic roaster in Western Australia with ACO certification, so if you wish to buy a genuinely Certified Organic coffee then get in touch with us today!  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to place an order: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

BioBean Coffee is a young company with firm principles towards producing a quality product, but not compromising on our ethical stance. As such, the only coffee we roast is both Organically and Fairtrade Certified. While this might limit the range of coffees available to us, we only choose the very best that the market has to offer.


We have no desire to confuse customers with a vast range of blends that can only be distinguished from each other with great difficulty. The five varieties we provide presently are single-origin, and each has its own distinctive flavour.





Ethiopian Sidamo 

•      BEST IN CLASS - Silver Medal, Cappuccino : The Classic International Style Sydney Royal Show (2008)
•      Bronze Medal, Plunger 100% Single Origin Sydney Royal Show (2008)


East Timor Maubesse 

•      Bronze Medal, Cappuccino : The Classic International Style Sydney Royal Show (2009)
•      Bronze Medal, Cappuccino : The Classic International Style Sydney Royal Show (2007)
•      Bronze Medal, Espresso Short Black Sydney Royal Show (2007)

Papua New Guinea Purosa A

•      Bronze Medal, Plunger Coffee Small Commercial Sydney Royal Show (2010)
•      Silver Medal, Plunger Coffee Small Commercial Sydney Royal Show (2008) 
•      Bronze Medal, Plunger 100% Single Origin Sydney Royal Show (2007) 
•      Bronze Medal, Filter class Café Biz Golden Bean competition (2006) 

Café Femenino Peru Penachi 

•      Bronze Medal, Espresso Short Black Sydney Royal Show (2008)(2010) 
•      Silver Medal, Espresso Short Black Sydney Royal Show (2007)
•      Silver Medal, Plunger 100% Single Origin Sydney Royal Show (2007)
•      Bronze Medal, Cappuccino : The Classic International Style Sydney Royal Show (2007)
•      Silver Medal, Organic Espresso class Café Biz Golden Bean competition (2006)
•      Bronze Medal, Espresso (Short Black) class Café Biz Golden Bean competition (2006)
•      Bronze Medal, Milk Based (Latte) class Café Biz Golden Bean competition (2006)
•      Voted best plunger coffee in Perth in September 2006, West Australian Newspaper.

Colombian Excelso

•      Silver Medal, Espresso. Short Black Sydney Royal Show (2012)

•      Bronze Medal, Espresso. Short Black Sydney Royal Show (2010) 
•      Bronze Medal, Espresso. Short Black Sydney Royal Show (2009) 
•      Bronze Medal, Cappuccino. The Classic International Style Sydney Royal Show (2009)

Café Femenino Swiss Water Process decaffeinated  

•      Highly Commended – Sydney Organic Expo 2008

BioBean Coffee is roasted using the simplest means possible, gas fired ovens and with no computer controlled roast profiles, but by hand. This ensures that every roast is undertaken with meticulous care, and what ends up in your coffee cup is of the highest quality.


We seal our coffee in special bags with one-way valves to release any excess gas from the freshly roasted coffee. This allows us to package the warm coffee beans minutes after roasting, without having to degas the beans and destroy the aroma, as will be found with vacuum packaged coffees.