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It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was panicking because our new composting bags hadn’t arrived.

We are pleased to say that the new bags have been a resounding success; I’ve had enquiries from all over the world about them, where we got them, how people are using them.  It’s very rewarding to get this sort of feedback.

With the introduction of our new kg bag labels we are now one group of medals short of transitioning everything to compostable.  We are proud to think we are one of, if not the only, roaster in WA to have achieved this milestone.

Our kg bags have been composting for over 5 years now but the new ones have a compostable valve inserted by us which makes them even better.

We also offer a bag exchange to local pickup customers so if you live or work nearby you can leave your empty bag with us and we’ll fill it and exchange it.  Our customers are getting at least 6 refills.  We don’t seal the top when we do the exchange but ask that you buy a bag clip which also gets exchanged.


Our new compostable 250g bags have been sent out today to many of our shops. The bag, zip closer, valve, sticker & even the adhesive on the back of the sticker are all compostable and derived from sustainable sources. We have worked long and hard over the past year to source the most suitable materials and manufacturers. We have bought a machine to insert the compostable valves (imported from Switzerland) and will be inserting every one with our own fair hands. That’s dedication for you.  Here is Yvonne inserting valves.

These bags are expensive but we are absorbing the cost as we believe strongly that it is our obligation to avoid single use plastic packaging wherever possible.

You can dispose of these bags in your home compost.

The new bags will work as follows:

Black bag = whole beans

White bag= ground coffee

We have colour coded the new origin stickers to relate to the colour of the old bags where possible.  The Honduras and Cafe Femenino have new colours.

Welcome to BioBean Coffee.  A home based family business situated in the Perth foothills with the aim to provide quality coffee with personalised friendly service.

Mother and son team, Mary and Ben Ipkendanz, have been operating BioBean Coffee since 2005.  They are proud of their product and proud to say that many customers have been with us since our inception. Mike Ipkendanz (Architect) is the silent partner and often says he bankrolled the company start up. His assistance in building and altering the premises has been invaluable – not to mention kicking him out of his office.

Ben is the roaster and has a Science background. He approaches his roasting from a scientific point of view with extraordinary attention to detail. He also services and repairs the equipment in the cafés and provides training and support.

Mary is known as the bean counter.  She handles all the ordering, accounting, marketing and ordinary boring stuff.

Yvonne comes in on Wednesdays and does all the retail ground packing.  Yvonne lives locally and is a prominent West Australian artist.  She even has one of her creations on a BioPack 8oz cup.

We have 36 solar panels so when the sun is shining the motors on our roaster, the airconditioners and all our other equipment is solar powered.

An ideal home or office setup.

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